Dioniland in Lezignan-Corbieres (11), from past at today present!

Located in Lezignan-Corbieres in Aude (11), cooperage Dioniland provides barrels renovation. Its founders have been in the wine-growing world for 4 generations.

Dioniland: the "saga of the Rey family"

For now four generations, Michel the founder, has been living among barrels. His grandfather Antoine had already initiated him to the maintenance of ½ muids in which he used to breed his wines out of the casks.
At that time, he was already searching for ways to regenerate his barrels.
Among other trials, he inserted cold stone slivers and tirelessly rolled the barrels to "descale" the inside, which was Michel responsability.
Germain, his father carried on the tradition, but the park was growing old and new barrels were too expensive, so he used to take the barrels bottoms into pieces and sanded the saturated wood with an adze to reach the new wood.
Throughout the years and the skills evolution, Michel and his son Dominique built and developed a series of specific machines that are today part of the reconditioning line for the 225 to 500 litres barrels.
They found in Spain an appropriate field to their processes evolution. That's how DIONILAND Spain was born.

In 2004

The activity is transferred to Narbonne France. Michel and Dominique then develop an efficient production tool made of specific machines and master the expertise : that will enable them to satisfy and win the loyalty of a good thousand customers within a few years.

In 2006

Building of an industrial property of 1700 m² on the ZA Plain in Lezignan Corbières Caumont.
Installation in the new workshops with a production capacity of of 14,000 renovated barrels a year.

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