Technical developments

Dioniland in Lezignan-Corbieres (11), advanced techniques for quality renovations

Cooperage Dioniland in Lezignan-Corbieres (Aude - 11) uses advanced techniques to ensure the renovation and reconditioning of used barrels.

Barrels cleaning techniques history

Before the existence of modern cleaning means, the barrels were cleaned and rinsed after draining. This system consisted in using a washing head with several sprinklers and a barrel cradle, bunghole down for the water rinse flow.
Water under pressure was projected onto the entire inner surface of the barrel thanks to the washing head sprinklers position.
This process provided a good rinse, but didn't allow to rub the tartar down and keep saturated thewood pores.

With the high-pressure washers, many scraping systems have emerged. They are composed of a high performance head washer which sends powerful jets on the entire inner surface of the barrel. 

This process removes the tartar deposited on the sides and offers a quality cleaning, specially when using a hot water cleaner.
But this method does not desaturate the wood pores of the in depth.

Reconditioning techniques for barrels at end of life

Since the early 2000s, several techniques have been developed, including "super cleaning" systems with detergents, sandblasting, chemical scraping, etc ....

None of these systems can claim being reconditioning ones :the only method recognized as such for its efficiency, reliability and results, is the DIONILAND'S one . It consists in shaving the saturated layer up to the new wood base , regenerated by a traditional heater.

This method is only mechanical, without any use of chemicals and fully respectful of the environment.

Oenological Results

After various studies on the actual methods techniques to renovate barrels,after having taken into account the customers opinion and specialized laboratories in many countries, there is no doubt: the only effective method is the aduelage (planing staves and heating).
The DIONILAND method mustn't be compared with the actual cleaning or disinfection systems found on the market. Only our aduelage method removes 3-4 mm of saturated wood by the previous uses.

100% natural process , no toxic gas, no chemicals.
Respect of the environment.

Comparative livestock prices

  • 3 years in new French oak barrels .......... € 0.96 per litre
  • Stave or alternative chips ...................... from 0.16 to 0.35 € per litre
  • 3 years in renovated barrels ...................€ 0.17 per litre

Cost equivalent to alternative plus controlled oxidation


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